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Five filmmakers from five countries with five distinct styles find common ground in an ambitious update of the Bacon universe.
The launch of the five new directors marks the beginning of the new year at Bacon with fresh energy and a new website. Check out the directors’ profiles on the site here:

The new Bacon bunch is as eclectic as it is international,


On the surface, there is a long way from the gloriously campy and queer-celebrating visual universe of Fever Ray to a short film on the issue of misdiagnosis of endometriosis to an award-winning branded mockumentary for a mobile game. However, all of these things have more in common than it seems; They are all made by directors that are becoming part of Bacon’s roster.

Over the past two decades, Bacon has brought filmmakers with distinctly different styles together in an attempt to unlock the best possible work under the umbrella of a Scandinavian production company. But never have five names been added to the roster at once, as is the case with Bonnie MacRae, Elena Petitti di Roreto, Jeppe Lange, Martin Falck and Nalle Sjöblad.

Her film work began in fashion and has since moved into the commercial arena where her aesthetic sensibilities still shine through. Remarkably, her beginnings in commercial work has a direct connection to Bacon.

“Martin de Thurah introduced me to the commercial world altogether. He found me online and wrote to compliment me on some work. I then visited him in Copenhagen, which became the beginning of our friendship. I am happy to be on the sideline of some of his projects and now joining him at Bacon” Elena says.

Actually, this is an introduction she shares with another of the new directors.

“I have been mesmerized by Bacon’s work ever since. It’s a company that has been the gold standard in Scandinavian filmmaking for many years. It is also a place where many talented people have had a home, and a place that a lot of talent has grown out of,” Nalle says.

internationally renowned for his cinematic comedy for clients like Clash of Clans and Burger King

The freshest face of the five is Bonnie MacRae.

Elena Petitti di Roreto
is London-based Italian director who has been working in Bacon-adjacent circles for some years.

One of the talents that have grown partly in the Bacon soil is JEPPE

Finnish filmmaker

had a chat with de Thurah at the CICLOPE Festival in Berlin in the mid 2010’s.

Commanding a mix of disciplines is something Jeppe has in common with Swedish director, graphic designer and art director
Martin Falck.

as the five directors range from newer talent to experienced filmmakers, from reels packed with commercials to art and music videos. Mutual for them all is a clear tonality, a knack for world-building and an admiration for their peers at Bacon.

The Scottish director debuted during the pandemic in 2020 with the poetic viral sensation Mind Yersel on surging suicide rates in Dundee. She has since followed up with the short film All Up There, which is centered around the common misdiagnosis of endometriosis, proving Bonnie’s rare talent for keeping viewers hanging on to a dynamic pace and crisp visuals.

A regular visitor of Copenhagen, Bonnie has been paying attention to the work of Bacon for a while, and joining alongside the other four directors makes the new chapter even more exciting for the young filmmaker.

“The other guys’ work is incredible. I particularly find myself drawn to Elena’s films, they are so slick. They feel contemporary and daring, something I hope to emulate in my own filmmaking,” Bonnie says

Falck has worked closely with a long list of international musical artists, which includes doing art direction and directing a myriad of videos for Fever Ray. Now, he is looking to move his talents into commercial work that would fit his style.

“Working in the arts is lonely, the same with graphic design. That’s also why I love working in teams and collaboration is super important to me. When I am directing, I am super focused on making sure that everyone does their best to ensure that the work looks the best,” says Martin, who has a Bacon-produced promo releasing soon.

One of the talents that have grown partly in the Bacon soil is Jeppe Lange. With a background at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Jeppe began his film career with experimental video works and documentaries. Joining Bacon as a researcher in 2018, he expanded his repertoire to include works with a more commercial appeal, leading to several YDA-winning projects.

Jeppe has an eye for the aesthetics of the natural world, combining them with a playful and imaginative flair. He embraces the use of animation and technology, including a deep understanding of various types of AI.

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