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Oh No Ono –
"Swim" (2009)

Director Adam Hashemi coincidentally made a video for the wrong track.

“I actually made the whole video for a different track. The band had sent me their CD, and by mistake I’d listened to the wrong track. When realizing my mistake, I tried to shoot the video to the correct song, but something was just pulling me towards the old song.

On top of that, my DP, Lasse Frank, had the flu and was pretty delirious during the entire shoot. And we shot on expired 16mm film and honestly did not know if anything was going to show up on the stock.

I edited the video to the correct track, and it was okay, I guess. I then put my favourite track on it and it was like magic happened. Nervously, I presented the band the video with either track. Luckily, they could see what I could see and chose “Swim” – ‘my’ track. I am forever grateful to them for that.”

- Adam Hashemi