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Bacon welcomes Norwegian director Rikke Gregersen for global representation. With her two short films Dog Eat Dog and The Affected and critically acclaimed series work, Rikke has positioned herself as one of the most promising filmmakers in contemporary Scandinavian comedy. All of her work is founded in an array of painfully self conscious characters placed in moral dilemmas, which makes for just the right balance of cringey and hilarious.

"I have a very hard time writing characters I don’t identify with in some way,"

Writing and directing both films herself, Rikke seems to have found an endless vein of content in the absurdity of modern life.

“I am really interested in finding stories that can open a discussion and help explore the inner workings of people. I love dialogue and I think my sort of cynical approach to people and their hypocrisy is first and foremost a self study. I have a very hard time writing characters I don’t identify with in some way,” Rikke says.

Besides her narrative work, the 30-year-old Norwegian director has done commercial work for clients like Samsung, Red Cross and Zalando, and in the short formats her ability to distill comedy from everyday life shines through as well.

Needless to say, we are huge fans of Rikke and already have a narrative project in development. And after completing a stint in series for the past few months, we are eager to now have her available for shorter formats.

Check out more of Rikke’s work below.