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Welcoming two new very special Bacon talents.
From the Venice Biennale and gold at CICLOPE Festival to legendary independent L.A. record label Stones Throw, Steph Hope and Henrik Dyb Zwart are two upcoming names that have made some nice international buzz for themselves. And now, the Oslo-based directors are the two newest additions to Bacon’s New Talent roster, for the filmmakers of the future who are yet to conquer the biggest commercial stage.
"If you’re from the most normal place of all, you have the most normal inhabitants, and everyone who considers themselves remotely interesting moves away,” she chuckles.
Steph is a British 2D animator who hails from the statistically most average town in the UK, Didcot.
However, staying in the capital of commonness didn’t work out for long for Steph.
Her work is evidence that she is far from average; all animations are done on paper and have an organic, lo-fi, often downright trippy feel to them. Whether it is music video projects for the likes of Stones Throw artist Mndsgn, commercial or personal projects, the shapes and colors jump off the screen to invite the audience in.
Steph originally studied illustration at the University of Brighton, and then settled in Oslo years ago after meeting her boyfriend there. She also met Henrik Dyb Zwart in Oslo, and their mutual affinity for film led them to make several projects together. In this constellation, Henrik took on the producer role, while also finding time for his own projects as a director.
Working primarily in live-action, Henrik has made commercial projects for clients like Amnesty, and his 2022 debut short film Everything At Once was officially selected for the Venice Biennale and won gold at the 2023 CICLOPE Awards. The experimental collage feel of that short film is a perfect example of Henrik’s sensibilities as a filmmaker who dares to challenge the conventions of the craft.
“I always find it interesting to explore the medium of film in a way and make use of all the different facets. Whether it is a creative way of shooting, blocking or working with sound design and music to tell the narrative,” Henrik says