Christian Holm-Glad

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Norwegian director Christian Holm-Glad is a veteran of the international film festival. His work has been nominated and selected for the American Documentary Film Festival, Norwegian Short Film Festival, UK MVA´s, New York Festivals, Gullruten (the Norwegian Emmy´s) and more.

Master of atmospheric storytelling, Christian explores an unusually broad field of subjects, from pairing up with Calvin Harris on a music video to collaborating with a nuclear physicist for Sushi & Nuclear, a poetic journey through Japan.

With his sensitivity for human psychology and a keen eye for how the world works, Christian has built numerous bridges from film to science, math, and philosophy, most recently by producing and directing a number of science-based TV and web-series.

His Insomnia triology takes human biology ever further into abstraction and fiction.

The film series interprets the states between sleep and wakefulness, and puts Holm-Glad´s critical eye and deviant sense of humour on full display.