Emilie Thalund

VITA - Take Time to See Your Beauty

Emilie Thalund (1989) is a director from Copenhagen, Denmark.

When she wasn’t climbing trees as a child, she was filling notebooks with drawings on a daily basis. Her father fed her with Goddard films and her mother read her Pippi Longstocking. As a teenager she dreamt about becoming a director, but kept it a treasured secret. Instead she continued sketching and achieved a master in Art & Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

With a diploma in hands, she was ripe to follow her childhood dreams. Her love for characters and storytelling finally led her into directing, assisting the acclaimed Martin Werner.

Emilie is a sensitive observer, a dreamer and a visually strong narrator. She’s interested in the tales of women, and dreams of filling out some of the blanks in the way women previously has been portrayed.